Zona Pilkarza / Football player’s wife

Maria Strzelecka


Stop-motion animation for the hit single “Football Player’s Wife” by Mister D featuring by famous polish writer. It took two years to make the video clip, the result is analog, very precise and detailed animation featuring head vocalist Dorota Masłowska along with polish pop star Doda and Victoria Beckham – all incarnated as singing and dancing dolls situated in tiny scenography stright from polish comunist times block of flats. Story is about life of famous fotball players wiwes and girlfriends – WAG’s.
It’s work of art in itself, created almost entirely by a single person – Maria Strzelecka


Maria Strzelecka has graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, department of Graphics where currently she is undertaking her postgraduate studies. An actress, singer in a punk band, graphic designer and a mother of two. Professionally she is illustrating, designing posters, animating and creating special visual effects. She is owner of fashion brand Luka Bandita.
She was awarded with honourable mention on International Animation Festival in Cracow for animation Bajka and on exhibition during Lodz Design Festival in 2012 for the illustration to Ewa Solarz’s book Elementarz dizajnu.
Oil paintings are part of private collections around the world, mostly in England and Denmark.


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